Whitings Foods

Whiting's Foods Volunteer Fundraising Program

Please note: We have not utilized volunteers since 2008.

Whiting's Foods owns and operates the majority of the food locations on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Volunteers have the opportunity to work in our counter sales positions for a limited time, while earning money for their team or organization. We've helped local teams and clubs raise thousands of dollars and fulfill their fundraising goals!

Volunteer opportunities exist when our staffing levels cannot meet our business levels due to holidays, Boardwalk promotions and lack of availability of our current crew. Some of the typical times are spring weekends, Spring Break, many shifts mid to late August, September and October weekends.

This program is a benefit for current and past Crew Members of Whiting's Foods. If no one in your group fits either of these classifications, we must approve on an individual basis.

How It Works

Earn UP TO $10 per hour/per person, for your group or organization by participating in our volunteer program. You earn $8 per hour if ANY of your participating volunteers deviate from our requirements. (See below.)

Short Term Commitment!

We prefer that your group sign up for two dates to volunteer, however we can, at times, accommodate just working one shift. For training purposes, it is always best if the same members of your group are the ones volunteering for any further shifts. Your chances are better to be given a volunteer opportunity if you can commit the SAME people for TWO shifts.


Any deviation from just ONE of your group members will put your whole group into the $8 per hour category.

  • All volunteers must be 16 years or older.
  • All volunteers must comply Whiting's Foods grooming standards. Read each standard carefully. Any deviation by any volunteer will put your entire group in the lower wage category.
  • You must be in uniform. If you have a uniform shirt that would conform to our standards, then your group or team may wear it while volunteering (with approval). We provide a uniform if needed.

You must bring the exact amount of people that you originally committed to volunteer. This number would be specified on your confirmation. Again, any amount of volunteers less than this will put your whole group in the lower wage category.

Some Important Points to Know

  • We predetermine the amount of volunteers needed from your group. Typically it is no less than 8 and no more than 15.
  • We may need to adjust the number or cancel volunteers due to the weather.
  • Volunteers are not necessarily working in the same food location. We have 20 various locations on the Boardwalk that could be involved.
  • We will conduct a specialized training at the beginning of the shift for your volunteers.
  • Whiting's Foods reserves the right to choose groups.
  • Volunteer Opportunities are subject to availability.

INTERESTED?......HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? - Please call (831) 423-1890