Whitings Foods


Store Name
Main Menu Item(s)
Casino Dots
  Inside Casino Fun Center Dippin' Dots and more!
Slush Puppie
  Next to Double Shot, Pirate Ship Slush Puppie
PizzaNow! 1
  Adjacent to Bumper Cars Pizza, Breadsticks
Señor Ted’s
  Next to Pizza Hut Mexican Food
Cookies & Cream
  Across from PizzaNow! Fresh-made Ice Cream Sandwiches
Carousel Cones
  Next to Merry-Go-Round Soft Serve Ice Cream, Waffle Cones
Beachside Snacks
  Cart near Carousel Cones ICEES, Churros
Dippin’ Dots 1
  Across from Beachside Snacks Dippin' Dots
  Adjacent to Haunted Castle Soft Serve Ice Cream, Razzles
Santa Cruz Sno’
  Across from Haunted Castle Sno Cones
Funnel Cake
  Adjacent to Santa Cruz Sno’ Funnel Cakes
  Opposite entrance to Giant Dipper Cotton Candy, Popcorn
  Under Sky Glider Tower #1 Fried Twinkies, Oreos, PB&J
  Near Sky Glider Tower #1 Dole Whip Pineapple soft serve
Fish & Fry
  Next to stairs to Sky Glider Tower #1 Seafood, Garlic Fries
MidWay Dots
  Between stairs and Rock-&-Roll ride Dippin' Dots, popcorn
Cone Shop
  Across from Rock-&-Roll Soft Serve Ice Cream
PizzaNow!2/Señor Ted's 2/Loaded Fries/The Grill
  Adjacent to Loggers’ Revenge Pizza, Mexican, Loaded French Fries, BBQed Hot Dogs & Burgers
Crazy Churro
  Across from Burgers Fresh-made Churros
Dippin’ Dots #2
  Adjacent to Crazy Churro Dippin' Dots
Sweet Spot/Handout
  Near Cliffhanger

Sweet Spot = Soft Serve Ice Cream, Cotton Candy

Handout = Corndogs, Fries

Kettle Korn
  Above the Cave Train Area, by ticket booth Kettle Korn
Dippin’ Dots #3
  In the Cave Train Area Dippin' Dots, Popcorn