Whitings Foods

Promoted Positions Information

After you have the important job experience from Countersales, many opportunities await you.

The first thing to do is to ask yourself some questions:

  1. "Am I knowledgeable enough that I would be extremely good at training a new person to work in the store that I am interested in?"
  2. "Do I understand all of Whiting's Foods policies and procedures?"
  3. "Do I FOLLOW all of those policies and can I lead by example?"
  4. "Do I have a schedule that isn't TOO complicated or involving a lot of time off requirements?"

Did you answer with an enthusiastic "YES!" to all of these questions?  GREAT! Continue reading to see what is next:

  1. Check our our list in the office for which locations we have openings available. (You can apply for stores without any openings too -- This makes your interest known should a position open up.)
  2. Fill out our Promoted Position Questionnaire. (Available in the office lobby.)
  3. Complete the questionnaire and turn it into the office.
  4. We will review the information and we will follow up with as quickly as we can.


Brief Description of Jobs:

Store Lead: Holds the responsibilities of opening and/or closing a specific store location. Maintains a smooth operation and cleanliness of the location throughout the day. Thoroughly and properly trains people on their very first day at Whiting's Foods, as well as on first day in that particular location.  Assures that consistent, friendly and quality service is provided to Guests.


Kitchen Crew: This position is one step removed from interacting directly with Boardwalk Guests.  Because of the benefit of not interacting with Guests, there is not a change in wage for this position.  The Kitchen Crew holds the responsibilities of providing consistent, quality food products made in compliance with Whiting's Foods preparation and sanitation guidelines. Keeps kitchen area clean and organized.  Thoroughly and properly trains any one who may need to assist in the kitchen on any given day. SETS AN EXAMPLE TO ALL!

There are other promoted positions not shown on the listing or outlined here.  If you feel you have developed the skills to be in Store Servicing, an Area Supervisor, an Office Supervisor (front desk), or Office Staff (back area), please ask for more information in the office. We'd love to hear from you.