Whitings Foods

Crew Member Food Discounts

As a Crew Member of Whiting’s Foods you are entitled to a great discount of 50% off the menu price. This deep discount is exclusive to Whiting’s Foods and only applies at our locations. By using the discount you will receive the maximum amount of price reduction available to Whiting’s Foods Crew Members.

Important Details:

  • Pay with cash, credit or debit.
  • You MUST have your ID card to activate the discount. Without your ID the best discount you can get is the standard Boardwalk employee discount of 20%
  • Keep your receipts for the day of purchase -- Your Area Supervisor may ask to see it.
  • When hanging out on the Boardwalk with your friends or family, you are entitled to the discount and can purchase items for your friends and family! (Must have ID!)
  • You cannot ring yourself up. You need to stand in line and have a co-worker ring you up.
  • Custom menu items cannot be made. If it is not on the menu, you cannot order it.
  • You cannot prepare your own food.
  • If you forget your money – ask a friend for a loan!
  • Mid-Way Dots is only able to offer 20% discount and payment must be in cash.
  • All Crew Members in uniform can receive free soft drinks from the soda fountains. (Smallest size.)
  • Beer is never discounted at this 50% off level.
  • You are not to extend your discount to other Boardwalk employees. (They have their own discount of 20%.) Our deep discount is a privilege is for Whiting's Foods Crew Members that we generously have extended to family and friends when you here at the Boardwalk, spending time with them.
  • Besides the discount you will get at our locations, the Seaside Company and other independent food service concessionaires offer discounted food/beverage (except for alcohol) items upon presentation of a valid Boardwalk I.D. (See flyer in lobby for details.)

UPDATED: 2/10/12