Whitings Foods

About Whitings Foods

It all started with a couple of "Frozen Custard" stands on the Boardwalk opened by a local milkman in 1953. Frozen Bananas

That milkman soon guided his family into a business enterprise that now runs 20 different Boardwalk food service locations, is the largest supplier of food and beverages on the Boardwalk and is the second largest employer in the park.

Whiting's Foods' continued success is based on several factors from family dedication to customer service.

Ted WhitingWhen Ted Whiting, Jr. started his business, there was no question it would become a family partnership. All eight of his children became involved in one way or another. Today, three of those children -- Ken, Ron, and Margie -- share the management responsibilities (Ted Jr. is now deceased) In addition, over 20 of Ted Jr.'s grandchildren have or are currently working at Whiting's.

"I think it's safe to say that Whiting's will remain a family operation for some time," notes Ken Whiting.


That family element extends to employees as well. Ken Whiting says they work very hard to provide jobs for local youth that allow them to become involved in the company. Company managers also work closely with employees to help them schedule their work around school, sports, and other activities.

Keeping the employees happy then translates to quality customer service -- one of Whiting's main missions. The emphasis on customer service combined with keeping up-to-speed with food industry trends, says Whiting, are the keys to their success.

Members of the Whiting's Family Employed Summer 2000"Our relationships with people are very important to us," stressed Ken. "Whether it's our employees, customers, suppliers, or other concessionaires, making those relationships work for everyone keeps us moving ahead."

From the Pizza Hut restaurants to the popular Dippin' Dots and Funnel Cakes stands, Whiting's Foods continues to provide both tasty treats and quality service -- a service from one dedicated family to the thousands of others that visit the Boardwalk every year.