Wecome to the party!

Change lives through the power of a Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cone! It's true. You can have the opportunity to be a part of someone's "great day" by delivering that perfect treat, with a smile!

Did you ever think that food is entertainment? At Whitings Foods, we believe that the indulgent food we sell is part of the entertainment package offered at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the Kaiser "Warriors" Arena.

By working with us, you will be part of a team that makes that perfect day for everyone from kids to senior citizens who visit the Boardwalk from the local neighborhood and all over the world.

ice cream

Celebrating a 65 year legacy of fun food and lasting friendships

“I met all my best friends here! We all met at work and then would get Denny’s after closing shifts and share stories about how each of our days went. I’ll never forget those late summer nights spent with my best friends.”
“I love how easy it is to request time off and get scheduled around my busy school schedule, especially if I know I’ll have big projects or sports tournaments happening. It makes it so I can still manage taking AP classes and playing sports, all while earning money and getting real world experiences at my job!”
“I thought I was just making ice cream cones. I didn’t realize that the things they taught us would become my foundational skills for all the other jobs I would end up having (including my career).”
“I love being part of such a well-respected business in the community because the Whitings really know what they are doing. It isn’t just a 65 year legacy I’m part of – it’s a family.”